Quantum AI

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What is Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is a custom-made trading app and platform designed by expert engineers. It has been said that Elon Musk is somehow related to Quantum AI, however that is incorrect. In essence, Quantum AI or “QAI” works by implementing artificial intelligence or machine learning tasks that are impossible for even the fastest computers to execute.

In addition, this software also uses the “wisdom of the crowds” as a mitigation strategy. To illustrate, if 50,000 members are betting that Bitcoin will go up at a certain time, Quantum AI will factor this in and implement a buy order on smart contracts.

Quantum AI is designed primarily for amateur or new traders wanting to get started in the online trading niche. That being said, we also have experienced traders who use this software as well.

This platform empowers traders by granting them access to the kind of software usually reserved for Wall Street insiders. The possibilities and range of investment opportunities are unparalleled and genuinely serve as a kind of “quantum leap” in automated trading.

How Does Quantum AI Work?

Quantum AI harnesses the power of super-computers to perform a set of orders and queries using programming scripts based primarily on Python, C++ and C#. Quantum AI technology is transformative because it leverages quantum mechanical effects. This also means that the material or hardware that these systems use are also designed to be pushed to the limit. The processors use nanotechnology and their computing power is unprecedented. In fact, some scientists say that it’s this type of technology that stands at the core of AI and thinking machines.

It’s also important to point out the Quantum AI is a CFD or contracts for difference robot. That means 3rd party partner sites or “CFD Brokers” are integrated with the app. In most cases this is done via RESTful API which acts as a “data control” or switchboard which is responsible for relaying information from one source to another.

To clarify, members registering for Quantum AI are redirected to a partner platform which is the entity responsible for providing the cashier, liquidity, and trading arena. Quantum AI acts as an auxiliary system which provides an additional script that’s responsible for trade execution.

Getting Started With Quantum AI

STEP 1: Sign-Up

New customers are required to provide 4 pieces of information upon registration. Their full name, Email. Password, and phone number. It's critical that this information is correct if you wish to actually use the software.

STEP 2: Phone Verification

Once registration is completed new members have to verify their details via phone. This is a security measure designed to protect new customers. It's not possible to use the software without being phone-verified.

STEP 3: Account Funding

Once a trader’s account is up and running, a deposit is needed to activate the account. This is done via the cashier section of the software. A designated account manager helps with this process as well.

STEP 4: Trading And Generating Profits

Once the account is funded the app goes to work. The actual process is extremely straightforward. New members can access the software and utilize the various features it offers in order to start generating profits.

How Quantum AI Helps Traders

No one really likes complex or cumbersome trading platforms. Our members want to register and start generating profits immediately. For that reason our expert coders developed Quantum AI. A Unique hand-crafted software which is setting new standards competing systems can only dream about.

Quantum AI has implemented special coding scripts that condense or “minify” highly complex procedures. The professional programmers we hired to conduct testing and quality assurance have stated the code is “elegant” and of very high quality.

The educational section of the trading platform also teaches new traders about fluctuations and market trends. The app is also compatible with all devices, such as iPad, all types of cellphones, tablets, IOS, and Android. New members can trade on the go using Quantum AI anywhere and any time.


Quantum AI has taken certain precautions designed to mitigate and significantly lower the risk levels. One of the mechanisms our staff developed is called a stop-loss trigger. When the software identifies certain trends or occurrences which coincide, an internal flagging system is activated and the software takes a reverse position before the actual trade is executed.

This process happens in milliseconds and has been known to assist the algorithm auto-correct itself. The stop-loss trigger can also be set to higher or lower sensitivity depending on the user trading style. More conservative traders who wish to minimize their risk levels can set the stop-loss trigger to higher sensitivity levels. However this is only available in certain situations due to the apps’ minimal override rule which only allows a level of human intervention up to a certain point.


It’s really important for new customers to feel comfortable in their trading environment. That’s why we hired top UX designers and spared no expense at providing the best possible trading experience.

In terms of navigation, members can rotate from one feature to another at a click of a mouse. The user interface and iconography were designed by a team of talented Parsons graduates specializing in the digital sphere. All aspects of the flow and design were approved by highly experienced product managers.

When navigating is easy and intuitive, customers can focus on the really important issue: trading and generating consistent profits on a daily basis! Oh, and one last thing. It doesn’t hurt to have fun in the meantime.


Quantum AI offers new members access to 12 types of strategies or technical indicators such as Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, or MACD. New members can access their dashboard, select a “canned” or ready-made strategy, an then have it deployed in a real time environment.

If you are not versed with or familiar with certain professional aspects of momentum trading or charting principles that is perfectly fine. We have small question mark icons next to each feature. You can hover over the icon an receive a short yet easy-to-understand explanation about what each feature does and the risks involved.

It’s worth mentioning that all strategies are configured to conservative settings. New members can change the risk levels or choose to invest more money by adjusting the risk tool bar.

The Potential Benefits Of Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies appeal to a broad spectrum of investors. This is primarily due to the understanding that there is much profit that can be made
in a relatively short period of time. However, many people are not familiar with the potential risks involved with crypto trading. Quantum AI
technology factors in these risks and mitigates or decreases them to the lowest possible level thereby ensuring minimal risk levels and high rewards.


Our members are interested in a significant return on investment ratio. Traditional stocks, options, commodities, or indices will usually offer 4%-8% yearly ROI. While it’s true that cryptocurrencies are influenced by market sentiment, the behavior patterns differ tremendously due to the nature of the financial instrument. As seen in various media reports, ROI in cryptos can even be as much as 300%.


Democratized trading is transforming traditional market structures and dogmas. Blockchain technology is paving the way for a new and decentralized approach to trading. That means both investors as well as corporate solution providers have to adjust their thought patterns and behavior. Quantum AI is a pioneer in integration and deployment coding related to Blockchain and Quantum Artificial technology. That’s why our members are the first ones to profit!


When compared to traditional financial instruments such as stocks, digital currencies are considered an untapped market. This in part is also related to the constantly changing technology and regulatory outlook for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are looking for a quiet walk in the park then this is not for you. That being said, Quantum AI employs the latest technology so you are in safe hands everything considered!


With crypto trading, you can now take advantage of faster trade execution, enhanced pricing models, improved accuracy, and more accurate technical analysis. Quantum AI is completely transparent and there are absolutely no hidden rates. All that remains is for you to join and start reaping your benefits!

Quantum AI Is For Skeptics!

When it comes to trading crypto online skepticism is quite evident among potential new investors. Understandably, issues related to volatility, interest rates, and regulation are a turn-off for anyone. This is doubly true for new or amateur traders looking to get a head start on the market. 

Quantum AI is designed for amateurs and skeptics. In fact, the whole team consists of skeptics that don’t believe anything before seeing actual results. This only means that customers get a better product which is subject to constant testing and QA protocols. Our staff conducts daily penetration tests just to make sure the app is safe and performs as usual.

We also use third party auditing firms to make sure our code is aligned with the latest ICO requirements for development companies. Quantum AI uses secured private servers with fallback protocols and advanced firewalls designed to deter attackers. All of this is designed to keep the system up and performing at the highest possible levels!


Quantum AI FAQs

How Much Money Can I Make With Quantum AI?

It's quite possible to generate up to $/£/€ 800 per day assuming you complete the onboarding process and follow the instructions as presented by your personal account manager. The onboarding process is done via phone only.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Amount?

The minimum deposit amount is $/£/€250. That is the standard required amount for CFD apps. You do need some initial capital in order to activate your account.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Absolutely not! Software owners are not compensated by fees, rather by volume trading. That means the more trades the more money the app generates for the board and owners. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

Is This App Licensed?

Quantum AI has a patent pending in the European Union. Our legal staff has also filed a patent application in Australia, Canada, and The United Kingdom.

Is Quantum AI Related To Elon Musk?

No. There are some advertising campaigns related to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and fake claims regarding Quantum AI. We encourage you to avoid these fake news campaigns since they have nothing to do with this software.

Is Quantum AI A Scam? I Was Tricked Before!

Quantum AI has been tested by third party auditors and found to be a legitimate trading software. We understand that online trading is frequently associated with various forms of fraud, however this is clearly not the case.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready for an exceptional trading experience? Quantum AI delivers performance which can only be described as the envy of the industry. The app utilizes a multitude of features and capabilities which literally solidify its’ position as today’s leading trading app.

New members can sort and choose from a wide array of ready-made strategies that can be deployed and implemented at the click of a mouse. Lightning-fast trade execution is made possible by the carefully configured private servers with zero latency and seamless integration via RESTful API. Last but not least, Quantum AI harnesses the power of  super-computers and thinking machines that literally has competing systems “eating dust”.

That being said, at the end of the day it’s up to you to make the decision and join. As is always the case, trading is not without risk. However, Quantum AI minimizes those risk levels to a bare minimum and allows it’s members to reap the rewards day in and day out!

Quantum AI Highlights
🤖 App TypeBitcoin, CFDs, Crypto...
💰 Platform Cost£/€/$250
💰 Withdrawal FeesNo fees to pay
📊 Type of PlatformWeb-based compatible with mobile phones (Android and Apple iOS)
💳 Deposit OptionsCredit Cards, Wire Transfer For Large Amounts
🌎 CountriesAll countries except US, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Russian Caucuses